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Ruth Hooker School

Welcome to Mr. Derlago's Physical Education Class!

I am so excited to be a part of Ruth Hooker School! As a former Selkirk Steeler hockey player, I am thrilled to be back in Selkirk! 

I have always had a passion for sports and have been involved in hockey for over 25 years as both a player and a coach. 

I love the outdoors, and everything nature has to offer!  Hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, snowboarding, and skiing are some of my favourite pastimes.


Healthy bodies = Healthy minds!

Let's keep moving and having fun!!!!


  • Consent forms to participate in inter-school activities will need to be filled out and signed to allow students to participate in these events.

  • Students in GRADES 5 AND 6 will be required to change in the changerooms for Phys Ed before and after activity. A second set of comfortable clothing (gym clothes) is required.

  • Students are expected to wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.


  • Water bottles are allowed and required each day.

  • Students' hands will be SANITIZED upon entering Physical Education classes.


Selkirk Steelers Partnership Initiative

  • I am pleased to announce that we are continuing our partnership with the Selkirk Steelers this school year! The Steelers have kindly gifted our school 300 tickets to allow our students to enjoy a hockey game with a guardian! Thank you, Steelers!  


















Holiday Basket Initiative

  • I am pleased to announce that we are continuing our Holiday Basket Initiative this school year. Eight lucky students will have their name drawn, winning them and their families a holiday basket containing gifts, games, toys, food, etc. I would like to thank my family and friends for making this donation possible.

















Medicine Wheel Garden/Outdoor Classroom Initiative

  • I am pleased to announce that Ruth Hooker School has a new and improved Medicine Wheel Garden/Outdoor Classroom! I would like to thank Mayer Landscape Design and my family/friends for donating their time this past summer to bring life to this wonderful project!  













As Per Ruth Hooker School's Handbook:


  • The Phys. Ed/Health program stresses the importance of fitness and healthy living. All students are expected to participate to the best of their ability, change into gym clothes, and have proper indoor footwear.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of noon-hour sports and activities (intramural program) and team sports with possible before and after school practices (inter-school sports) - Participation in either of these programs requires students to attend enough practices, meet all classroom commitments, and follow school and gym behaviour codes (sportsmanship, fair play, positive attitude).

  • Grade 4 and 5 students are taught swimming skills by qualified instructors at the LSSD pool at The Comp. This instruction is part of the required Phys. ed. curriculum, and all students are expected to participate. 

Eagle of the Week:


  • One student will be chosen at the end of week and awarded as the Eagle of the . Selected students will receive a treat before returning to their classroom.

Golden Eagles of the Month:

  • One or more students will be chosen from each grade as Golden Eagles of the Month. Selected students will receive a certificate, have their name posted on this website, and have their picture taken and displayed on the Physical Education bulletin board.

  • Golden Eagles participate in EVERY gym class and make the gym an enjoyable place for their fellow classmates! Participating in all gym classes is important because not all sports appeal to every student. It is important for all students to try their best regardless of the activity. Golden Eagles also demonstrate cooperation, camaraderie, and respect for other students around them. It is the overall effort and attitude that counts more than how good a student is at a sport or activity.

Golden Shoe:

  • This award is given to one class every month. The deserving class will be posted on this website and have the honour of proudly displaying the Golden Shoe Trophy in their classroom for a month. Classes win this award by showing a positive attitude during all gym activities. They do not need to be the most athletic because their overall effort is most important.



September Awards:


Golden Shoe Award:  

September’s Golden Shoe is awarded to (Blank) class! This class consistently demonstrated a positive attitude, work ethic, and sportsmanship throughout the month of September! Congratulations to (Blank) class!


Golden Eagles of the Month: 

Students who participated/excelled in all Phys. Ed activities and demonstrated cooperation, camaraderie, and respect for other students around them. Congratulations!


  • Mrs. Skazyk – 

  • Mrs. Kowalchuk – 

  • Ms. Aiello - 

  • Mrs. Ross – 

  • Mrs. Dejonckheere – 

  • Mrs. Marsch – 

  • Mr. Westhead –

  • Mrs. McKenzie – 


Golden Eagles 2022/2023: 

  • Mrs. Skazyk – Amrick Henry, Rowan Atkins, Kylo Scramstead, Bradley Waterman, Evangeline Govereau, Stefan Buium, Phoenix Darvill, Gurjazz Singh, Manmeet Aulakh, and Callum Swampy-Scramstead.  

  • Mrs. Kowalchuk – Lou L'Hirondelle, Brielle Ewbank, Elsa Eleazu, Kane Buium, Ashton Mathison-Mah, Gabriel Sasnella, Paisley Walker, Sterling Wilson, Zander Henry-Linklater, and Fynn Darvill. 

  • Ms. Hay - Marc McDonald, Breezie Clemons, Wastesko Buck, Kyra-Mae Sokolowski, Kodie Monkman, Emsley Armstrong, Ryker Boisjoli, Oaklyn Andrews, and Ryleigh Worthing.

  • Mrs. Marsch – Baylee Samagalski, T.J. Sanderson-Grove, Sadie Neufeld, Bentley Hamilton, Finnley Worthing, Shyla Darvill, Dylan Keppler-Boulet, Wynter Whitford, Madilyn Reimer, and Carter Keppler-Boulet.

  • Mrs. Dejonckheere – Tatum Merasty, Liam Michaud, Bryceon Mathison-Mah, Braydon Doerksen, Atheseus Sasnella, Kate Monita, Shaina Black, Parker Carmody-Vallieres, Maksim Hudson, and Gur Kunder.

  • Ms. Boles – Lacie Hudson, Cimarein Bryce-Thomas, Aiden Law, Zoey Jones-Byra, Raiden Atkins, Odin Reimer, Serenity Sasnella, Lexi Morrisseau, Gavin Capner, and Kenina Courchene. 

  • Mr. Westhead – David Eleazu, Greyson Yaroshinski, Aubrey Black, Logan Neufeld, Savannah Waterman, Wyatt Monkman, Kalib Walker, Zoey Lewin, Ethan Kresky, and Autumn Clemons.

  • Mrs. McKenzie – Mirra Waterman, Levi Smith, Kolbe Michaud, Reah Lewin, Nimrat Kaur, Sean Doerksen, Abigail Boisjoli, Yashvi, Bee-Jay Thickfoot, and Makenzie Connolly.


Golden Eagles 2021/2022: 

  • Mrs. Skazyk – Zander Henry-Linklater, Emsley Armstrong, Oaklyn Andrews, Lou L'Hirondelle, Brielle Ewbank, Kodie Monkman, Kyra-Mae Sokolowski, Fynn Darvill, Elsa Eleazu, and Marc McDonald.  

  • Mrs. Kowalchuk – Kali Hart, Skye Wallbridge, Isabel Olson, Shyla Darvill, Baylee Samagalski, Sadie Neufeld, Bentley Hamilton, Carter Keppler-Boulet, T.J. Sanderson-Grove, Braxton Darvil, and Dreighton Leach. 

  • Mrs. Marsch – Gabriel Recabarren, Alina Peterson, Maksim Hudson, Jayna McPherson-Flett, Amara Henry-Langlois, Madison McLeod, and Hazel Bryce-Thomas, Atheseus Sasnella, Gavin Capner, Parker Carmody-Vallieres, Zoey Jones-Byra, and Kayla Eleazu. 

  • Mrs. Dejonckheere – Naksh Rathore, Bryceon Mathison-Mah, Braydon Doerksen, Shaina Black, Ailah Scramstead, Kate Monita, Mirra Waterman, Cordillia Otte, Ella Pichor, and Emily Enns. 

  • Ms. Boles – Serenity Sasnella, Zane Hamilton, Aiden Law, Cimarein Bryce-Thomas, Sean Doerksen, Lacie Hudson, Liam Michaud, Rory Rees, P.K. Lytwyn, and Zoey Lewin. 

  • Mr. Westhead – Harlan McDougall, Aurora Law, Ethan Kresky, David Monkman, Shahera Monita, Savannah Waterman, Breid Nielsen, Aubrey Black, Kalib Walker, River McCullough, and Jayce Fediuk.

  • Mrs. McKenzie – Makenzie Connolly, Halo Recabarren, Sophia Boisjoli, Lily Hall, Reah Lewin, Bentley Canard-Garand, Levi Smith, Bee-Jay Thickfoot, Junior McCullough, and Kaydance Badgley.

Kids Running
Laying Down Trampoline
Flag Football Stance
Image by Markus Spiske
Volleyball Practice
Hockey Equipment
Playing Tennis
Runner Track and Field
Soccer Game
Female Baseball Player

Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs (Ferris State University).


Justice is fairness in the way that people are treated (Collins English Dictionary).


Inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. An inclusive university promotes and sustains a sense of belonging; it values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of its members (Ferris State University).

Ruth Hooker School 
430 Morris Avenue
Selkirk, MB

R1A 1B4

Phone: 204-482-3614


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